Reserve your tables. Get here early. When the closing bell rings out the work day, The Exchange gets busier than Wall Street during a Bull market season. The atmosphere is part of the appeal. Luxury meets raw urban architecture; lush booths line exposed brick walls. The menu completes the draw. Choose from a well-crafted cocktail menu, an immense beer selection (featuring local craft beers), and a wine list to please any connoisseur.



The Exchange operates on a dynamic pricing system. Prices are always fluctuating; the more popular a drink is, the higher its cost. This is how the market works, and that means you need to keep your eyes on the ticker (and on select TVs located throughout the bar). You can choose your drinks strategically based on the money you’re willing to invest in your alcohol portfolio. The market is a fickle mistress, and The Exchange is no exception. Market crashes are guaranteed to occur, so buy up during the periodic crash windows when everything is available for rock bottom pricing.


The Exchange is host to TBX, Des Moines’ premier professional gathering, and Iowa Craft Beer Night. The Exchange is available for partial or complete reservations. Additional information found on the TBX, Events, and Reservations pages.

Located on Floor 3 of the Court Center in Downtown Des Moines.

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